Ruoka-aika // Dinner time


Paperilappusia ei sentään ole tarjolla, mutta toivottavasti kesän edetessä kasvimaa tarjoaa kyseisiä antimia naposteltavaksi :) Yrttien kanssa laatikoissa on kasvamassa tuttua porkkanaa, hernettä, salaattia ja tomaattia. Ja enemmänkin menisi vaan tila loppui jälleen kesken..Ensi kesänä sitten pari laatikkoa lisää!

We are not eating paper :) These are my garden markers and hopefully we are anjoying these herbs later at the summer!

Have a great weekend!! 

Mahtavaa viikonloppua kaikille!! 

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16 kommenttia

  1. Really nice shots! Great lines, and the black background makes it calm and beautiful!

    I look at your texts, and think it's rather funny that our countries are neighbours, and yet there isn't a single word in Norwegian and Finnish that is similar! It's easy to read Swedish and Danish and English, but Finnish... not a chance! Still, I like the music in your language. I've listened (a lot!) to a Finnish band called HB - first their english albums, and then also a bit in their mothers tongue. I don't understand what their singing, but yet I know their lyrics from the english, translated songs. Do you know about the band?

    I wish you a happy weekend!

    1. Hi, Englepappa! Yes, it's funny how different our language is compared to other Nordic countries. I think that Norwegian, Swedish, Danish are based on Germanic and Finnish and Saami is based on Uralic and there comes the differense between our language? :) But I truly love Norway, we used to travel there alot when I was a kid. Now, with my own family, I just can't wait when we could travel there together! I just googled that band and I have to say that I haven't heard them before. But I,m happy that I heard them now - songs are great :)

      Happy and sunny weekend to you too!

  2. Snyggt uppradade gafflar och vackert fotat!

  3. Very nice pictures :-)

  4. These all work so well in black and white.

  5. That's a clever series of photos!

  6. You are using these great cutlery as garden markers?I love the perspective and the idea!
    Just read your exchange about the differences in your languages. Finnish being so different but funnily very similar to hungarian , both languages are finno- ugrian. Some tribes must have made their way south or vice versa.

  7. A great contribution to the b&w theme!
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  8. Excellent photos. I've never thought of using forks as plant markers - great idea.


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